Where I’m Going: Fortaleza, Brazil

Hi everyone! I leave in two days for one of the biggest adventures of my life. I will be spending 7 weeks in Brazil, living with a host family in the huge metropolitan city of Fortaleza. I wanted to post something that gave a little detail into where I’ll be staying and why. I went to Fortaleza on a scholarship three years ago to study language and music when I was blessed to meet the coolest host family who has once again opened their home to me. I can’t believe I got so lucky!

Fortaleza is located in the northeast state of Ceara, just three degrees south of the equator. With more than 3 million people, the city is known for its busy nightlife, booming economy, and gorgeous nearby beaches. I will be studying the language more intensively this time around, as I’ll be working and interacting more with my host family. I won’t have to go to a school like the 5 days a week I did on my last visit, and I’m so excited to expand my knowledge of Portuguese and Brazilian culture in a more independent form.

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I’m also planning a few small getaway trips from Fortaleza, including day-trips to close beach towns like Morro Branco and Lagoinha as well as a 6 hour bus journey to a hippie village called Jericoacoara. My friend Amber from college is going to be in Fortaleza around the same time that I am, so we have planned a 5 day visit Jeri. So excited!!

My bags are nearly packed, so now I’m just counting down the hours until my plane flys south. The feeling of anticipation before a big adventure…is there even a word for this feeling? I am constantly reminded to ask myself how in the world I got so lucky.

Until next time!

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