Butts and Bananas

You know how in Brazil everyone is known for having nice butts? Well now I know why. I went with my host brother and father last night to their gym and got to work with a personal trainer who KILLED my legs and buns. I mean wow. This morning I can barely even walk, but I love it! I stay fairly active at home and enjoy working out, and down here the gyms are SO HOT. It’s like a gym and a sauna all in one. I feel pretty confident that any funk that was in my system is now completely gone because I was drenched in sweat. I loved it though. My trainer, a really nice Brazilian named Mariella, showed me how to do some killer leg workouts that I’ll definitely use in the future. It was great! I left feeling exhausted but refreshed and happy. Ever hear of a work-out high? That’s what it’s like, times ten.

Another awesome thing about Brazil is the bananas. Bananas are like, one of my top favorite foods in the whole world. Seriously, I eat a banana every day back home. In the US the bananas are ginormous compared to the bananas in Brazil. They don’t use the same kinds of chemicals and pesticides as we do, so the bananas are not only better for you but they taste way better too. I have been drinking all kinds of juice down here as well. Everything is so much better for you because it so much more raw and natural. I love it! I wish the food in the US was like it is here. We might not have an obesity issue if that were the case. Here’s a picture of my daily breakfast! I’m hooked on the juices here, and let’s not even get started on the fabulous coffee.


Yesterday I also got to lay out in the sun for the first time since my arrival. My host family’s condo has a pool so I grabbed my Ipod, sunglasses and my journal and hit the lounge chair. I was out there for maybe an hour, hour and a half. You’d think that wouldn’t get me much sun, but boy was I wrong. One hour in the sun in Brazil is like spending five hours in the sun in Tennessee. I am SO burnt! But I use a really great all-natural hemp seed oil lotion that keeps your skin from peeling and helps it heal. Plus hemp seed oil fights skin cancer so I’m not worried at all, but today since we’re going to the beach I think I’ll cave in and use some sunscreen. I got spooked about a year ago after I found out that most sunscreens contain chemicals that actually harm your skin more than help so it’s been hard for me to find the right sunblock. Maybe while I’m down here I’ll find something natural.

My host brother and I are going to the market today so I’ll keep a look out! The language barrier is a bit difficult at times down here. I speak very, very little Portuguese and sometimes these Brazilians speak very, very fast. My host mom has been awesome with teaching me new words, and my host brother speaks English so when he’s around he translates for me if I don’t understand. Reading Portuguese and listening to it is not as hard as actually speaking it. But practice makes perfect right? Portuguese is sort of like Spanish but it has a French sound to it and a little bit of Italian mixed in too. It’s a really pretty language and hopefully by the time my seven weeks are up I’ll be able to converse more fluently. Well, I have to get ready for my day now! Until next time!

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