Graduation is a BIG Deal in Brazil

Last night I went with my host family to a graduation party for one of their family members. It seems like everything in Brazil is bigger and ten times more grandoise than in the States, and graduation is no exception. What would normally be a boring, long drawn out ceremony, the Brazilians have turned into a huge party and celebration of all the students’ hard work and success.

Instead of droning out 75+ names and have them walk down an aisle to get their diploma, the students were put on a huge platform at the top of the building and they came out one by one to do a victory dance to a song of their choice. Props to the girl who chose “Who Let the Dogs Out” and to the guy who chose the Imperial March. Other songs included popular Brazilian music as well as songs like “We Are the Champions” by Queen.

All of the graduates were medical students who have finally reached the end of their college education, a huge feat if you’re studying to become a doctor. Some of the graduates danced in groups in between calling out names to break up any monotony.

I wish graduation ceremonies were like that in the States! It was so much fun. There was good food and plenty of drinks. The decorations were so fabulous; everything was drenched in crystals and glitter and confetti. After the ceremony, if you could even call it that because it was so entertaining, all of the graduates made their way to the front of the venue to dance together on stage, leading to the start of an all-out dance party of guests and graduates alike.

Another big difference between US graduation ceremonies and Brazilian graduation ceremonies: it started at 10 pm. That would never fly in the states, at least not a graduation ceremony that was hosted by a school. I think it’s a great idea to throw a party instead of a boring ceremony. Everyone had fun and the energy was incredible!! Also, it’s sort of like a prom. Everyone was dressed to the nines and I saw soo many beautiful dresses that I totally envied. Brazilians have incredible style and their formal wear is spectacular. Maybe when I get home I can try to convince my college to work out something like that haha! Worth a try!

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  1. Hey Samantha!

    My name is Luiza and I’m a brazilian girl who was once a high school exchange student in the US. I had a hard time to explain the difference between yours and ours graduation cerimony/party, and u just made it look so easy! hahahaha! Now, 8 years latter I’m going to send your post to my american friends who are coming to my Law School graduation party, so they can understand how big and important this is in the brazilian culture. Love the blog, good job!

    • Hi Luiza! Thank you so much for reading and sharing! The graduation party was definitely one of the biggest and best and I’ve ever been to! I loved it, I wish we celebrated like that here. Best of luck to you! πŸ™‚

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