Journalism in Brazil: O Povo Newspaper

Hi everyone! Today my host mom arranged for me to visit Fortaleza’s biggest newspaper, O Povo. I was given a tour by the Opinions Editor, Daniela, who was so sweet and thoroughly answered all of my questions. The newsroom was just like the newsrooms I’ve been in back home. Each row of computers was like a section for each facet of news; sports, politics, art and entertainment, opinions, etc. The computers weren’t Macs like most back home, and they used Windows Movie Maker to create their online videos instead of Adobe, but other than that it was pretty much the same. It smelled like a newsroom should, like coffee and paper. It had the buzz of busy writers typing away and making phone calls. The energy was amazing too, everyone seemed to be so excited about their jobs. Daniela told me that they also translate the New York Times and print international editions for the city. They print O Povo every single day. We laughed over how journalists know that the news never stops, even on Christmas.

Being in a newsroom again made me so excited to be working at The Tennessean this summer and fall. I have an internship there starting July 15, and then in August I will begin something called the Seigenthaler program, a work-study agenda that gives you almost all of your upper-division courses while working there at the same time. For the internship, I will be covering government and politics. For the Seigenthaler program I’ll get to cover the federal courts system. I absolutely cannot wait! Being in O Povo’s newsroom today reminded me of my passion for journalism. I get excited when I’m in a newsroom; it makes me feel alive. Before we walked inside, I could just feel it, you know? My heart actually started beating harder and faster. That’s when I realized that there is no other career for me. I am in love with news. I admit it.

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