First Day in Paris! A Walk Through the Latin Quarter.

We finally made it safely to Paris! What a journey it was. 15 hour jet-lag plus hitting the ground running took a toll, and we finally made it to bed around 1 am last night. Waking up in our charming Latin Quarter apartment this morning was a surreal experience, with the rain falling gently and the light peeking in through our high-ceiling window. It’s safe to say that this city is simply stunning. Yesterday morning we landed at CDG airport. After waiting an extra hour and a half for our transfer, a sweet German man named Uli, we loaded our baggage and went straight for the Latin Quarter where our apartment is. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, unless you count glamourized interpretations from films like Midnight in Paris and Paris Je’taime…but driving through the city streets had us oohing and aahing at every turn. This city, even at first glace, is truly magnificent. We were hungry, starving in fact, so the first thing we did was drop off our luggage and walk around the neighborhood in search of something to eat. The street we live on for the next few weeks is only a few steps away from the Seine river, right across from the Notre Dame. Incredible! There are endless cafes and shops close by, and we stumbled upon La Parisienne, a pastry and sandwich shop that is almost just outside our doorstep. IMG_8651 I don’t really know how I got volunteered to order first. I guess it was because I had my French language handbook whipped out and was standing there practicing like a typical American, but my classmates said, “Uhh Sam, you go first.” haha So I did. “Je voudrais ca, s’il vous plait,” I said in terrible, broken French. The employees were a bit impatient with the seven of us who were trying to order, but hey…we got our sandwiches and they were awesome. La Parisienne can expect to see more of us.

After we ate, we figured we would get some things organized and unpacked. I’m a bit anal when I travel…I can’t get settled until all of my stuff is put away and I’ve showered. So that was the first thing I did after we ate, but as soon as I got out of the first of many bubble baths in our beautiful apartment. Then…it was time to sleep. After a four hour nap we got up and ready to go meet with our artist, a fierce performer named Jara Ezo (more on her later), at the Casino de Paris. That blog post will come later, but we had a fabulous time hitting the ground running with work! While we waited to leave, my roommate Amber and I went to go get some coffee for our apartment (which we are sipping in bed right now haha), and I snapped some photos of the beautiful Latin Quarter area we are staying in. Here they are, and there is much, much more to come!

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