Who We’re Documenting: JARA EZO

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Hello again everyone! I’ve had several people asking me what exactly our documentary is about while I’m here, and I’m really excited to share a sneek peek at my team’s artist…Jara Ezo. I’ve mentioned her in my previous two blog posts. The first night we were here (yes, the very first night, jet lag and all!) we went to the Casino de Paris, a fabulous old theater located in the 9th arrondissement. Jara was slated to perform as the opening act for a Michael Jackson impersonator, and she KILLED it! I don’t want to give away too many details because that will come later in our final documentary project, but you seriously need to learn this chick’s name. I have a feeling she is going to be huge, because not only is she beautiful…but she can sing, dance, act, and is in amazing shape. She’s been so gracious to us and accomodating. I can’t wait to follow her for the next few weeks and learn all about her life and how she came to be the fierce performer that she is.

Before the show started, Jara’s manager and boyfriend, Legrand, helped us get press passes and we made our way up into the back of the Casino de Paris to film her getting ready. Even without makeup she’s stunningly beautiful. Her team was super cool as well. It was an amazing first night in Paris…what a way to get the filming started!! I had heard her song “Dangerous Fighter” on YouTube of course before we came here, but seeing it live was a whole nother experience. This girl is a PERFORMER, no doubt. She’s amazing.


Awesome, right?

The Casino de Paris was also such a beautiful theater, and as someone who’s done plays and loved the stage since I was 12, it was surreal to be in a Parisian theater on the very first night. Everything seems to always connect somehow in my life, and this was no exception. My role in this documentary is production and sound. Production is coming easily to me since I tend to keep things very organized in my own professional life back home, and I’m good with talking to people and planning the logistics of a project. But sound…I’m learning as I go! Which is cool, and I love to learn new things. I used a TAMRON recorder during the show and was able to get a feel for where levels peak and how to work all of the buttons and dials. It’s a little bit intimidating, but I like that.

It was such an exciting night! Jara’s performance was intense and so sexy. She’s got the dance moves of Beyonce with a voice like a better Rhianna, and don’t even get me started on her fierce fashion choices. The catsuit she wore in Saturday night’s show….can I just be you, Jara? We had lunch with her the next day in Montmartreย and despite all of her bad-assery, she is the sweetest person in real life. We can’t wait to document more of her and present her talent to the United States!

We finally went to the Eiffel Tower today, so look for a blog post in a couple of hours on that! Au revior for now!

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