Burlesque in Paris! Pretty Propaganda at La Maison Pigalle

Well it seems like this trip is just full of checking things off of the bucket list. Last night my entire group and I went to the restaurant La Maison Pigalle to see a performance by three ladies from the Pretty Propaganda burlesque troupe. What an incredible night it was! We had a wonderful dinner before the show began, Amber and I sharing a pizza and all of us enjoying our fill of great drinks from the bar. La Maison Pigalle definitely has a 20s feel to it, and they were blaring some excellent electro-swing music before the fun began. The walls are decorated with vintage photos of beautiful pin-ups, and the dark wood walls and vintage fringe lamps give it an extra roaring 20s touch.

I wore my favorite dress to the event, the Gold Digger dress by Bettie Page Clothing. What better place to wear it than a Parisian burlesque show! It’s a stunner, for sure, and the main reason I brought it was so I could don it at a burlesque event. After we ate and had a drink or two in us, the dancers made their way out into the crowd to an electro-swing mix of Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love.” Perfection! They wore the cutest flapper styles and invited us all to come upstairs to see the rest of the show. I bolted up the stairs immediately haha.

There were three performers at the event, first was the stunning Louise de Ville, who just so happens to be American…from Kentucky! Not too far from where I live in Nashville, TN. It was a surprise after her performance to hear her speaking English…I had assumed she was French. Her talent was incredible, and the costume divine. She unexpectedly broke out these kick ass sparklers in her routine. It made for some interesting photographs! I loved every minute of it.

The next to perform was Cherry Lyly Darling, who donned feisty red hair and a beautiful lingerie set under a long, flowing black gown. The gown was incredible! I loved the flow of it. I bet you anything she made the lingerie herself…too unique and gorgeous to be store-bought! I could be wrong, but either way…she was amazing. She danced to “I Put A Spell on You,” one of my favorite songs of all time. The flowing gown was an excellent choice to go with the music. Cherry also had these gorgeous black feather fans, and when she whisped them on top of my head I couldn’t help but feel a rush of excitement! I love burlesque and all of the glitz and glamous it entails.

The third performer was Lolaloo Des Bois, who looked like something out of a 1920s vaudeville show with her cropped black hair and striped costume. Her dance reminded me of a mime, and it definitely added to the whole 20s vibe that the La Maison Pigalle has. Her character was flawless, and her dance moves had me highly impressed. Lolaloo had a super cool trick up her sleeve that was unexpected…when she took off her hat, paper sequins fell out everywhere! She did this move where she took her hat off with her legs and kept it on her feet in the air. Incredible! She was so beautiful. I can’t remember her song choice, it was something I had never heard before, but I loved it so much. The old-school style of burlesque is so fascinating, and I loved that here in Paris it’s still alive and on fire.

What also made this night so special was that literally every single person in our group came to the show with me. That meant a lot! Burlesque might not be for everyone, but in my opinion it’s something you have to experience at least once. For many in our group, this was their first time seeing a burlesque show. How cool that their first time was in Paris, the heart of it all. I feel lucky to have such a great group of people here with me who were supportive and excited about going to see the show. We had a blast with the ladies of Pretty Propaganda and I for one hope that I can see another show while I’m here. It was the best night out in Paris so far!! Au revior until next time!

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