Luxembourg Gardens | Jardin du Luxembourg

Yesterday the team went to the Lourve to see more art. Last week we went to the Musee d’Orsay, which was awesome, but I’ll be honest…museums somewhat bore me. Don’t get me wrong, seeing Van Gogh and Monet in person was incredible…but the lines are long, there are a crap load of people, a lot of noise, and you have to force your way to the front of the crowds to actually get a good look at the art. Not to mention you feel rushed because of the onset of viewers huddling around you. And they don’t even let you take pictures, even without flash. Musee d’Orsay was worth it to see for the sake of saying you went, but when everyone wanted to go to the Lourve I realized I just needed a day outdoors. Even in the rain. The Jardin du Luxembourg is a short fifteen minute walk from our apartment. I’ve been wanting to go there since we arrived, it having been a popular hangout for Hemingway when he was broke and needed to escape. He talked about how he’d strangle pigeons and bring them home to Hadley for dinner in A Moveable Feast, and as I walked through the gardens and saw all of the birds I thought of that. I can’t imagine strangling a pigeon. Hemingway obsession aside, the Luxembourg Gardens are lush. Surrounded by a grandoise palace that houses the French senate, the gardens are full of fountains, ivy, flowers of all kinds, and chairs everywhere for lingering. I spotted many people reading books by the fountains or strolling leisurely with their loved ones. It was like a little retreat from the city…I’ve always been a country girl at heart. I love the outdoors and being surrounded by trees.

Au revior until next time! Look for a blog post later about my visit to Montparnasse Cemetary.

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