From Paris to Tolo…Getting to Greece!

Paris was an incredible experience that I’ll never forget. But man am I happy to finally be in Greece soaking up the sunshine! Getting here was exhausting though…and I feel really compelled to share the journey just in case anyone else wants to visit the little town of Tolo. Once we arrived at the Athens airport, we quickly figured out that we had booked our flight at the absolute worst time. We landed at 12:40 am, and the last bus ran around midnight. The next bus…wasn’t until 6 am! In order to get to Tolo, this quaint little fishing village that I visited about three years ago on a study abroad trip, you have to take the airport shuttle to Kiffisos bus station in the center of town, which is about an hour ride away. Next, you have to take a bus from there to Nafplion, and from there a bus to Tolo. If you don’t speak Greek, the entirely different alphabet can be confusing and exhausting. So needless to say, we spent ย good 6 hours “sleeping” in the airport waiting for the 5:55 am bus to take us to the Stathmos Kiffisos station. Once it finally arrived, we hauled our luggage and began the journey. It costs 5 euros to go from the airport to Kiffisos. We asked almost every stop if we were at the right one, but finally realized we had to wait until the very last stop. Once at Kiffisos, a dirty little bus stop, we had to get a ticket to Nafplion. That ticket was like 12 or 13 euros. After we arrived in Nafplion, we bought a 1.60 euro ticket to Tolo after much asking around and figuring out what was where. The thing about Greece is though, you can ask anyone anything in English and they’re going to understand you, and tell you nicely where to go. In Paris I felt like we were intimidated to ask for directions, and English wasn’t as common. Instantly in Greece the overall mood of the people is a lighter, happier one, and I became in very good spirits despite the lack of sleep when we finally came upon the beach town of Tolo.

Did we need sleep immediately? Yes. But after we checked into our hotel and unloaded everything, we hit the beach first thing. We crashed that night of course, and I woke up with a nice little sunburn. Our first day was spent exploring the town, me showing the girls around and all the places I visited the last time I was here. Tolo has this quiet, sweet little charm to it…there are hardly any gift shops, the people are friendly and positive, you can get a damn good gyro for only 2 euros, and don’t even get me started on this perfect weather. It’s a stark contrast to the rainy, reserved beauty of Paris and I am so glad to be back here once again!

As you can see this town is stunningly beautiful. We walked all the way down the length of it to the pier…the water is crystal clear. I’ve always liked warm weather more than cold…this is such a nice contrast to Paris. Today we went to Nafplion again to hike up the thousand stepped fortress…look for a blog on that later! Until next time! ๐Ÿ™‚

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