Island Cruise to Hydra

One thing that’s a must while you’re in Greece is a visit to some of the gorgeous islands. From Tolo, there are cruises to Hydra and Spetses every week. Hydra is everything you think of when you imagine Greek islands. It’s washed in white and the doors are painted blue. Flowers hang down over terraces on every corner. Amber and I paid 34 euros for the island cruise, which took about three hours of boat time to get there. Not a bad deal for what you get in return! I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Hydra is an island where absolutely no motor vehicles are allowed. No cars, no motorcycles, no scooters, nothing. The streets are smooth pebbles…make sure you wear your walking shoes or you’ll be slipping! Donkeys, bicycle or walking are pretty much the only means of transportation there, but the habitable area is fairly small so for the locals it’s not an issue. There are a ton of cats on the island, many of them feral. That’s a thing I’ve noticed here in Greece…a lot of stray animals, cats especially. Hydra, cats aside, is a beautiful island and well worth the trip to see it. Santorini I hear is a good 8 hour boat ride away from the mainland and can be pretty expensive to get to. So if you’re a student traveling on a budget or just want to save some time, Hydra is a great option to see the beauty of Greece without going too far.

I know it’s a photo spam overload on this post, but I can’t help but share these! We had a blast on Hydra. Until next time!

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