Sept. 19, 2015 : Went to the fair last night with Amber. Not only is it grimey, it’ll cost you. On schedule for our Friday night, we opted to get enough tickets to ride one quick ride. We decide on something classic: the ferris wheel. Oddly, the two guys running the big machine were so distracted about which cart to place us in that they didn’t even take our tickets. So we laughed maniacally as we ascended; suckers.

After we reached the top of the world and came back down, we claimed our prize. The Remix. We stood in line with obnoxious children, the smell of corn dogs coming from our left.

“This ride looks lame.”

Ten minutes later we’re laughing, screaming and spinning again on the top of the world, only this time with enough force to give us whiplash for a week. The lights and the people are swirling as we go, fluorescent and fleeting further with each turn. Our vision blurs. The smiles on our faces are pulled to permanence by gravity and we’re frozen; laughing, screaming and spinning.

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