But though she always thus appears in form of youth and mood of mirth,

Unnumbered centuries are hers, the infant planets saw her birth;

The child of throbbing Life is she, Twin sister to the greedy earth.

And back behind those smiling lips, and down within those laughing eyes,

And underneath the soft caress of hand and voice and purring sighs,

The shadow of the panther lurks, the spirit of the vampire lies.

_MG_1889 _MG_1842 _MG_1883 _MG_1776 _MG_1701 _MG_1696 _MG_1818 _MG_2352 _MG_1452 _MG_1460 _MG_1544 _MG_1522

Heather McGlaughn photographed by Samantha Hearn for “Spellbound.” October 2015. Nashville, Tenn. Song: Paradise Circus by Massive Attack. Text: The White Witch by James Weldon Johnson, 1922.

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