2015: The Outtakes

This is a collection of photographs that didn’t make the cut, as well as a few favorites. This year was filled with so much change. From my actual life to the camera I hold in my hands…I’m still learning, growing and figuring it all out, and I feel like my photographs show how I’ve felt about the world at different points this year.

I hope when you look at my photos you feel something.

From the happier moments where life was filled with so much color and joy…

To the darker moments when anxiety and fear nearly drowned me…

And to the independent, sensual and uninhibited moments where I felt most free…

I hope that you feel even a fraction of what I felt when you look at my photographs. I hope that perhaps they might provide some kind of escape for you, some kind of fantasy, some kind of daydream.

I cannot end this year without thanking Amber Bradford, Camila Vilaplana, Madison Welsley, Emily Elise Hicks, Larissa Thorold, Senzela Atmar, Heather McLaughn, the boys of Jet Black Alley Cat, Dupree Young, and Madison Leblanc for standing in front of my camera this year. All of you made this year special for me. All of you, in some way, helped me dig deeper into myself, my creativity and my passion. I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year. I can’t wait to push further in 2016.

With Love, Sam.

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