Beatriz | 7,000 Days

Gone for 7,000 days, plus the ones I don’t remember. I was nobody. Except that day, I was still alive. I said a prayer with my eyes open. It’s only temporary; like trespassing in a place that’s got a demolition date. The sea will take Venice. The gulf will take New Orleans. Soak it up now; it’s not long until the clock takes the heart. Remember: a pool of tears is just a pile of salt. Salt crumbles. Swim in the salt or scrape your knees trying. Either way, baby, it’s all blue.

Β _MG_8230_MG_8245_MG_8344_MG_8353_MG_8571_MG_8602_MG_8564_MG_8497Edit_MG_8478_MG_8425Edit_MG_8699_MG_8825_MG_8696_MG_8827_MG_8850

Beatriz Zamora photographed by Samantha Hearn. January 2016. Inspired by George Miller’s “Mad Max.” MUAH by Sarah Bryant. Styled by Ashley Deuwson. Shot in Nashville, Tennessee.

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