The Snakebite

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The Snakebite: A Film Noir

This editorial and fashion film was so much fun to make – take a bunch of creative minds, put them together after work hours in the cold out on the street, and this is the result. I came up with this concept with the idea in mind that – and I’ve used this in my work before – the fourth wall does not exist. What is the fourth wall, you ask? It’s the space that separates an actor from the audience. When an actor looks into the camera it’s typically called breaking the fourth wall – and it’s something I LOVE to see done in both film and television.

Here’s the video we created that totally says ‘forget you’ to the fourth wall:

The concept of referentialism in the entertainment industry isn’t a new idea, but it is one that I think society should peer deeper into – including our own values when it comes to entertainment. How much of what we see on our screens is genuine? Are the actors we admire actually super rude and egotistical in real life? Do crew members hate or love their jobs? What lengths are we willing to go for a story, or even – a version – of a story? What version of ourselves are we presenting, becoming? And how can we, as creatives, blur the line between reality and fiction to create something that actually speaks to an audience?

Ponder these questions as you watch and enjoy our little short story “The Snakebite.” Starring Mila Vilaplana, beauty by Lilly Adams, with crew members Stephen Dillon and Ethan Shulman on deck with set up, BTS and lighting.

Xoxo, Sam

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