The Life You Dream Of

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Dreamy golden-hour is, as we all know, the best time of day to shoot for those magic feels and good vibrations.

I had been wanting to play around with long exposure, but the effect just wasn’t hitting the exact way I wanted to. I’m DIY most of the time so….solution: a piece of holographic cellophane placed over the lens as a filter. You can get a roll of this at any fabric or craft store for less than a few bucks. It’s a super cool effect but…

This can be tricky, the cellophane can be really iffy and you can get a light streak right across your model’s face if you’re not careful. In some shots I had the paper pressed right against my lens, in others I played around with moving it in front of the lens by a few inches. All it takes is a little maneuvering to be honest, trying until you like what you see, and combined with a long exposure and some cool 70s duds – here you have it.

What do you think of these? Do they remind you of a feeling or the life you dream of?

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below ❤

Xoxo, Sam

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