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Editorial portraits are – by far – my favorite and most asked for shoot. There are few things on this earth I enjoy more than playing dress up and taking photos. Even my mom can tell you – when I was a little girl, that was all I wanted to do. Now as a professional creative, inspiring confidence in others is what I believe I’m truly here for. There are a few things to know about how the editorial portrait process works:

  • This is about you. I have only two goals when shooting – to make you feel gorgeous and to get THE shot(s) that we’ll both love forever. Has it been a long time since you did something nice for yourself? Do you want to reignite your confidence and see a whole new version of you? Do you just have an idea for a shoot that you’re dying to go for? Keep reading.
  • Bring me your inspiration! Since this is a You thing, I want to know what makes you tick. What inspires you, what drives you, what colors do you love, what movies are you drawn to, what kind of music do you like, the list goes on. I’ll send you a questionnaire upon consultation where you’ll tell me all of this and more, prepping me for…
  • The Vision. Once you’ve sent me your completed questionnaire form, I’ll send you a link to a Pinterest board with images that I think go along with your answers. We’ll bounce that back and forth a few more times before we finalize a vision – and then we…
  • Team up as needed. I’m blessed to know a LOT of amazing people – from an amazing stylist, to a custom fashion designer, to a fabulous crew of hair and makeup artists – if you want to add in those little extras to make your vision really POP, we’ll coordinate with the team and get you set up on the whole 9 yards. I tend to style all of my shoots in some small way or another (I have a HUGE closet collection..knew those shopping habits would come in handy one day), but for the Real-Deal-Professional-Glam-Crew kind of treatment, I definitely have my recommendations. Plus, having them join the team leaves us both with more mental space to focus on the posing, shooting and overall vision. Next, it’s…
  • Time to get creative. Sometimes, a vision for a shoot turns out completely different than expected – but better! Having creative flexibility with one another allows us both a unique experience that is rewarding for years to come, and gives us the freedom to create something that’s not a copy of our inspiration, but a new take. While we’re shooting, I’ll sneak you a few peeks at the photos so you feel confident in the direction we’re headed. I’ll likely come up with some off-the-wall ideas, and I’ll also encourage you to get outside your box and throw ideas at me. I love the creative, collaborative process and can’t WAIT to work with you to create something magic.

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